Kent Site Council

The Kent Site Council is a team of elected parents, teachers, and students who meet monthly with the school principal. Their purpose is to advise and share in decision making of the school community with a primary focus on communication and student and school safety.

The Site Council consists of Kent parents elected by the parent body to serve a two year term; Kent teachers selected by the teaching staff to serve a two year term and the principal, and two Kent students. Each year the principal and a parent member volunteer serve as Co-Chairs. The Co-Chairs are responsible for setting meeting agendas, communicating with Site Council members and conducting the monthly meetings.

2020-2021 Meetings

Meetings will be announced soon.

  • All parents are welcome to attend.
  • Meetings are announced on the Kent website, Kent and District school calendars, and the District's weekly newsletter.

Site Council Members

School Members

  • Grant Althouse, Principal
  • Wendy Holmes, Assistant Principal
  • Lisa Sandberg
  • Jeff DeBoi (2020)
  • Lisa Bridges (2020)
  • Michael Martinez (2021)
  • Shannon Janney (2021)

Student Members

  • Zachary Baumgarten (2020)
  • Ellie Kemos (2020)
  • Sophia Achtner (2021)
  • Roshan Kapur (2021)

Parent Members

  • Kristi Burlingame (2020)
  • Christine Melbardis (2020)
  • Renato Beltran (2021)
  • Lindsay Tonderys (2021)
  • Ina Gotlieb (2022)
  • Joelle Williams (2022)