November 7, 2019

Dear Kent Families,

The music is blaring, the blacklight brightly illuminates fluorescent face paint splattered across arms, faces, and clothing. Seventh and eighth graders dance their hearts out, while parent chaperones reminisce about their middle school dance memories, trying to catch glimpses of their children and their friends. And, a group of students happily complete a chess tournament along the bleachers, bobbing their heads along to the music. Yes, you read that correctly, and while I don’t recall chess being an option at my own middle school dances, this image has stayed with me as a highlight of November so far. This is precisely the sense of membership, belonging, and acceptance that we are striving to develop at Kent. We want students to see themselves and their interests reflected and accepted in the ways they choose to engage in activities inside and outside of their school day.

Where might your child find themselves reflected in activities they could get involved with at school? I’m hopeful that some of the many choices beyond core academics motivate and interest your child. Our enrichments offer a broad variety of creative ways to express oneself and communicate, from art to woodworking, coding to journalism. Lunchtime clubs like juggling, knitting, game room, and rock band provide a range of options driven by the interests of student club sponsors. Perhaps leadership roles like student council representative or library council member inspire your child to get involved. Or maybe one of our many fun and spirited competitions like our school spelling bees and karaoke competition will pique your child’s interest.

Many engaging opportunities exist outside of the traditional school day as well. Matheletes, advanced choir, and advanced band all stretch and challenge students during zero period. After school sports are a great way to play with a team of Kent students while representing our school. Special activities like dances and game nights create a tangible sense of community among our students, beyond the walls of the classroom. Our Together We Can collective impact community service work encourages students to extend their positive influence to organizations and people in need in our community.

Seize this middle school moment Falcons! Get involved, try something new, share your interests with others, and help us make your middle school years among the best yet of your childhood!

Grant Althouse
Kent Principal