May 16, 2019

Greetings Kent Community,

I’d like to shift the assumptions that some people make about middle level education Why can’t middle school be revered as among the best years of our kids’ lives, rather than the all too common narrative that middle school is simply a time to get through without too much overwhelm and hardship? I’m not being flippant, I really mean that.

Adolescence will always be a time of self-consciousness, identity-seeking, and uncertainty, but middle school can be a place to emphasize the opportunities within those struggles. Reflecting about recent activities and events at Kent, I know there are many Kent students who found joy and opportunity through their experience at school.

150+ kids sported bright falcon red at two track meets, running their hearts out and representing Kent. The jazz band and student readers found a captive audience at the Book Passage to share their music and the pleasure they find in reading. Karaoke competitors spent lunches wow-ing large Kent audiences with exceptional singing. Many Falcons are enhancing our community through service learning and our Together We Can initiative. Four seventh graders researched and presented a school-wide assembly on disrupting bias. Author Alan Gratz inspired students through his description of his writing process, and his compelling storylines like the one in our all school read, Refugee. WEB Leaders, Margie Burke competitors, Mathletes, and published perspective writers came together for a luncheon to celebrate their many accomplishments. And that is all from the last three weeks!

I hope students continue to find opportunities that pique their interests, make them feel valued, and foster a sense of accomplishment. I don’t mean to minimize the struggles felt by many students at this stage in life. But I do intend to maximize the role the school can play in enhancing the adolescent experience of our children. If you have ideas about how we can do that even better, please contact me at any time.

Speaking of accomplishments, check out this perspective piece by our very own Jack Rockwell, that aired on KQED radio earlier this week.

Grant Althouse
Kent Principal