August 21, 2020

Greetings Kent Students and Families,

We are excited to welcome students back to school on Tuesday, August 25th starting at 9 a.m! The purpose of this message is to let you know what to expect in the coming days to prepare for the start of distance learning at Kent.

Today (6th and 8th grades) and Monday (5th and 7th grades) students are able to come to campus to receive supplies and materials that teachers have prepared to support learning from a distance. Please follow the guidelines shared earlier this week, and captured on this linked document, when retrieving school supplies.

On Monday, August 24th at 3 pm, student schedules will be live in Aeries. Prior to publishing student schedules in Aeries, we will send out a screencast video that will show students how to interpret what is in Aeries, and how to use that information to plan for each day.

Each student will be assigned to a homeroom. These homerooms are the small classes that start and end each school day, and will provide students with the opportunity to interact with a smaller group of classmates and one teacher on key content of the day, and for regular interaction with and discussion of timely topics in school, in the world, in our learning, and in ourselves.

Each day will include 3 subjects taught via live lessons on Zoom, with start and end times of these sessions indicated in Aeries as well as on the sample schedules attached. In addition to the 3 live lessons, each day will include a small group work session, where students will be expected to either report to a small group session based on invitations from teachers, or to utilize the time for the completion of independent work assignments, or the completion of tasks started in one or more of the live lessons that day.

Each day will also include approximately 90 minutes of independent work assigned by teachers to be completed during time between live sessions, during unscheduled small group time, or after the conclusion of the school day.

Each teacher has created a Google Classroom for each course that they teach, and teachers will use Google Classroom to share Zoom links for class sessions, independent assignments, and other relevant information for the day’s work. The access code for each teacher’s google classroom will be prominent in Aeries next to each course title where a student is enrolled.

Attached to this message are sample schedules for each grade level that show the courses that students will attend each day, as well as the independent assignments that will be given each day. Individual student schedules will vary slightly in terms of which subject to attend when, but each student at the grade level will attend the same three courses each day.

While starting the year with distance learning presents many challenges and complications, we are finding innovative ways as a staff to collaborate, connect, and enhance learning in each course offered, and to create greater cohesion, meaning, and relevance in our instruction. Thank you for your partnership and for your patience while we work to get this right. As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns as we transition back to school together.

Grant Althouse
Kent Principal