November 21, 2019

Dear Kent Families,

Attention all eighth grade parents: it's time to search through your photos for a baby photo of your soon-to-be graduate! Can you believe it?! This is always a special part of the yearbook, so please send a digital photo to by December 15th. We love our eighth graders and the beautiful kids they've become!

The yearbook staff is looking for original art to feature in this year's memento! Please send a digital photo of your Falcon's painting, sketch, or any other original artwork with their name and grade labeled. We are hoping to make this the most successful year yet featuring our budding Picassos!

A huge thank you to all the parent volunteers, Opening the World youth mentors, Jeannine Curley, Grant Althouse, the Rotary members, and especially Elizabeth Estes and Lindsay Wilson for the inspiring meeting we held Monday night to launch our Together We Can initiative. It is an incredible feeling to feel so connected to this amazing community, and we are grateful for all your service!

Finally, a personal note of gratitude as we approach Thanksgiving. I wake up every morning excited to come to work, to feel the kids' energy, and to love them and support them with all that I am. After 24 years in this district, I know this energy and enthusiasm are a huge blessing that come from a place outside of myself. I wish to express my deep love and gratitude to all of my friends and colleagues, the parents, each Falcon, whom I consider my own, the littles I get to see on crossing guard, and this astounding community for gifting me with a lifetime of joy and sense of purpose.

May you all have a blessed and restful Thanksgiving break!

Melissa Stephens
Kent Activities Director